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MCCKC Guest Speaker Series

Speaker Poster - Invitation - Merch

The MCCKC Guest Speaker series was a chance for students to highlight their favorite designer and create something representative of the designers style and contribution to Graphic Design.  I chose Neville Brody as my designer.  He is not only a great designer but has had the opportunity to create for so many different genres.  I chose to use his album cover designs as my basis of inspiration.  Creating a sheet of his work I put it into Photoshop and applied different color hues based on a predetermined palette. After posterizing the image and working out exactly how I wanted the edges to overlap layered the images to create my final piece artwork.


The next objective was to look through sheets of type comparisons to see what worked well with each other.  I wanted a body text that would translate well onto the other print pieces that would go along with this project.  They needed to be eye catching and legible.  This project really helped me to understand how important this step is to creating the perfect poster.  In the end I chose three complimentary types.


The final poster came together nicely and would go on to win an award for best in show at the Penn Valley Annual Student Show in 2018 and a small scholarship to go along with it.  There were two additional print pieces that went along with this project; an invitation and a sketchbook to be given out the day of the lecture.

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