Blue Hound Brewing

Sampler Pack

Package Design - Social Media - Merch

The concept for Blue Hound Brewing was inspired by long weekends in the woods or at the beach with man's best friend.  They took classic beers and combined them with some of the cutes and naughtiest dogs out there to put a unique spin on beer.  This concept is for a seasonal sampler that would change throughout the year to highlight the brewery's best flavors.

Each flavor comes with it's own them and flavor.  There are the mainstays that are always available and then there are the seasonal that will change.  In this pack the seasonal flavor is Lil' Punkin and the main stays are Bad Dog Brown Ale, Top Dog Lager and Dog Days Summer ale.  This set is perfect for a day at the beach or a gift for a friend.

Social Media is the most efficient way to advertise these days so I put together some short social media posts that we could be used on any of the major platforms.

Sun, sea and man's best friend.  Beer on the beack with your best bud?  Who could ask for more!
Wooohooo... a lil' punkin on Halloween.
King of the couch?  Of course your pooch is!

To go along with the concept I created some Blue Hound accessories that every dog lover would like to share with their pet and could be given as a "freebie" as part of a kickoff program.